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The Clean Cuts Music Library offers more than just great sound because our tracks are designed to provide unlimited creative options for film, broadcast, gaming, and web. Our ever-growing catalog of independently produced music covers the sonic universe. Most tracks time out in 2:00, :60, and :30 versions with multiple sub-mixes for maximum flexibility and customization.

Need compelling custom music and major league sound design? Expert mixing or help in licensing? How about the perfect voice over? From talent casting to a full range of audio production services, Clean Cuts does it all. Click here to visit our main site.

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High energy or low down dirty. Light acoustic or heavy metal. Whatever you’re listening for, you’ll find in a flash. The Clean Cuts Music Library allows you to search by musical genres and moods. You can even add descriptive terms to narrow down the results. Need something in particular? Just ask. Our Clean Cuts music consultants specialize in tracking down the best solution.  Select, listen, and download. It’s that easy. No library card required.

License and registration, please

You have the right to remain profitable. Clean Cuts offers multiple licensing options to accommodate every budget and every need. BLANKET LICENSING covers all your projects on a yearly or multi-year basis. If you need just one or two tracks for a single project, TRACK BY TRACK LICENSING may be the way to go. Based on the type of song and application, you will only pay for the music and clearance selected. If your single project requires MULTIPLE TRACKS, grab our PRODUCTION BLANKET. Rates are determined by clearance type and length of production.

Whatever your production needs, Clean Cuts will tag you with the ideal licensing package. We can even help negotiate and secure the usage rights for a song owned by an artist or record label. We always understand. We are always flexible. We will help you solve the case.  Just ask our clients, they’ll testify.
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