Clean Cuts Music Library Sizzle Reel

Take a look at our brand new, Clean Cuts Music Library Sizzle Reel Check out some of our special features that set us apart from the rest! Graphics done by Cerebral Lounge, Sound Design by Clean Cuts.

Spree Commerce

Spree Commerce wants to help build your business by providing you with automated systems for shipping, inventory, accounting, and customer service. The Clean Cuts Music Library supplied the perfect track to get the excitement going!

Kurt Kolaja, “We are D3”

We Are D3 looks at the ups and downs of College Athletics as we follow the Division 3 basketball team at Washington College. These are the athletes who will never become big stars, but play for their love of the game. The CCML provided the dramatic backdrop throughout this feature documentary.

New Releases

Looking for a fresh sound? The CCML has a ton of new releases to choose from. Need some whimsical orchestral cuts for the upcoming Holiday season? Check out CCUTS 112 Fantasy Vol. 1. How about some big, cinematic electro pop to ramp up the Drama? CCUTS 115 Epic Pop will take you where you need to go. We are always adding new styles to our catalog, so be sure to check back often for updates!

Ourisman, Kicking Tires

You may have seen this spot from SmithGifford and Ourisman on TV this weekend, “Kicking Tires.” Cerebral Lounge and Clean Cuts shot, edited, made graphics, keyed, composited, sound designed/mixed and provided a CCML track.

DoubleTree, DTour

Get inspired and plan a summer adventure via DTour! Cerebral Lounge & Clean Cuts helped DoubleTree introduce their first-of-its-kind YouTube channel where travelers share photos, videos, and opinions about favorite destinations, directly from multiple social media platforms. We created concepts, scripts, gfx, a CCML track/sound design, a catchy mnemonic, and cast VO for the innovative web campaign. Discover your next adventure here: DTour.

FunLoop, High School Fashion: Makeover Salon

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder in FunLoop’s newest iOS game, High School Fashion: Makeover Salon. Pick a model to style with your best (or worst) hair, makeup, and outfit ideas. Send a picture of your snappy new pal to your friends, then journal about her life as a high school student. Clean Cuts fashioned the sound design and the Clean Cuts Music Library provided the rockin’ track.

Bring on the lipstick!

Realore Studios, Jet Trains

All aboard Realore Studios’ newest mobile game, Jet Trains! Avenge your father’s “accidental” death by defeating the evil General Hellhoffen in a train race! Clean Cuts cast and produced the hilarious voiceover for this whistle-blowing game, and CCML provided the racing music!

Start your tank engines!

Swift Creek Games, Jar of Marbles II: Journey to the West

Explore ancient Chinese literature in Swift Creek Games’ Jar of Marbles II: Journey to the West, available for PC/MAC download. Each level of matching marbles further unfolds the story of Sansang, a monk on a quest for truth. Clean Cuts produced organic sound design to accompany the Zen background track provided by the Clean Cuts Music Library.

Watch the trailer and embark on your journey.

Big Fish Games Studios

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Big Fish is the most trusted global leader in casual games. Clean Cuts and Cerebral Lounge partnered with the gaming giant to produce a video that highlights Big Fish Studios: a collaborative team of artistic people who love what they do. The Clean Cuts Music Library served to complement the video from start to finish.

Discovery, Prehistoric Disasters

Join the scientists of Discovery’s Prehistoric Disasters as they piece together the mystery of how all life on Earth was suddenly wiped out millions of years ago. The Clean Cuts Music Library provided a dramatic backdrop throughout the series.

Johns Hopkins, Center for Talented Youth

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth recognizes young students of the highest academic ability by presenting them with challenging educational opportunities. A fun and inspiring CCML track accompanied the CTY video, capturing the essence of what this unique program offers to gifted students.

AJ Michaels

AJ Michaels needed a cool music track for their latest TV spot. The CCML New Soul album fixed them up with a fun and funky piece which perfectly enhanced Cerebral Lounge’s unique graphic treatment.

Real Medicine Foundation

The Real Medicine Foundation provides worldwide humanitarian support to people living in disaster and poverty stricken areas. A compelling cut, “Everything We Are,” from our newest Indie Rock album emphasized the powerful message of their PSA.

Compelling Rock
New Release

The Clean Cuts Music Library introduces its latest album, Compelling Rock. Shimmering guitars, live drums, soaring strings – all the ingredients are there to elevate your productions to greater heights.

Global Drama
New Release

Inspired beats of various ethnic origins and world instruments construct a tense sonic landscape in our latest album, Global Drama. Filled with driving rhythms, deep sounds, and suspenseful ambience, these tracks are sure keep you on edge!

Indie Rock Attitude
New Release

Indie rock has been a growing genre in radio for years now. Nowadays it’s also becoming a dominant sound for commercials and TV shows. The Clean Cuts Music Library presents our third album in the genre: Indie Rock Attitude.

Positive World
New Release

Whether it’s true that optimists really do live longer, it’s always good to have an upbeat attitude. Positive World joins our catalog, offering a wide selection of bright and hopeful tracks to support your encouraging message.

Indie Rock Compelling
New Release

The Clean Cuts Music Library formally introduces Indie Rock Compelling into it’s collection. This  compilation of moody, epic rock features players such as Christian Celaya from Color Forms, Matt Pierce playing flute, along with Mike Lowry on drums. To get a sense of what we were going for with this, think ‘Friday Night Lights’ meets all your hopes and dreams.

Restoration Films – Sacred Ground: The Battle for Mt. Auburn Cemetery
Official Selection at the Macon Film Festival 2012
Cerebral Lounge – Main Title Sequence and Graphics
Clean Cuts – Sound Design, Mix, Music Library

I Do & I Don’t
Writer/ Director: Steve Blair

The Clean Cuts Music Library acted as music supervisor as well as contributed several tracks for the newly released comedy I Do & I Don’t, starring Jane Lynch, Bryan Callen, Matt Servitto and Alexie Gilmore. Cerebral Lounge handled all compositing, color correction and finishing. In addition, Clean Cuts wrote original music, sound designed and mixed the film. The DVD is out now.